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Our way of working is built on a reputation of being easy to work with, clear, transparent and honest. We are frustrated with the current business practices in the industry and strongly believe that there is a better way of working. 

We believe that there is a simpler way of working where production companies aren't forced to manage a roster of talent for a constantly shifting creative pool. Production works best when the best teams are assembled and we are big believers in putting together new collaborations, where companies are free to experience working with new talent and not have to deal with loan-outs or promise exclusivity to directors.

We believe in a fairer and more transparent industry in which production companies aren’t tied to having to provide constant work to exclusive talent.


We have a roster of directors who are in exclusive with us as well as a contact book full of freelance options that we can rely on. When someone sends us a project we will ask a few relevant questions to whittle down the options and then provide them with a few choice solutions.

You can choose to pitch with as many of the options provided as possible, we understand that clients ask for a few options, however, we believe in transparency so our teams will be aware that they are not pitching alone. We believe that there are a limited number of options that best suit a project so we will limit our options to give alternatives that cover a range of budgets.

Once the team has been assembled, the pitch has been presented and the job is won we follow up with all partners to ensure that everything is running smoothly and mediate if necessary. Working with different cultures and creating global connections has given us years of experience in problem solving and a calming influence on any potential conflicts.


Our way of working is built on a reputation of being easy to work with, clear, transparent and honest.

We can offer our years of experience of managing directors internationally at Aylene Gardiner Agency, a company that created the model that is now used by all major European directors’ reps. No matter what the issue is, we have seen it before and know how to resolve it. We build bridges and take our jobs as a representative of a body of work seriously.


We don’t come with any hidden surprises or costs and strive to ensure that everything is clear, as well as always being prepared to adapt to any given situation. Our reputation as good people is paramount to everything that we do and is what every action we take is built upon.


We try to remain human in everything we do and understand the stress that the industry can put people under. We will always offer our opinion and offer our support to resolve problems.


To put it briefly, people like working with us because they like working with us.

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