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Our company was born from 10+ years experience managing international directors careers globally. We know the issues facing young and established directors and tailor our services to keep our talent working and developing their portfolio.

Each director has curated guidance with their personal goals at the core of how our business operates. We believe in empowering our clients and allowing them a voice in how to shape our business as well as our industry.


All scheduling, negotiations and contracts are handled by Equals to ensure that directors can focus exclusively on their creative output.


We believe in using our skills to offer young directors opportunities that the current model does not allow for. There is a wealth of North-American talent that is ignored by production companies too focused on fighting to sign the biggest names to attract work. Our model focuses on the director, bringing the production and brands to them. 

Our model is built on clarity, transparency and open communication. We are interested in having a long term relationship with a director built on mutual trust where we both grow together.


Too often directors are left alone without a partner who can support their vision and career goals. The current pitching process has left directors endlessly working on treatments they feel confident they won’t win. With budgets ever decreasing and creative control safeguarded by clients, a director is forced to self-budget spec work in order to have the opportunity to pitch on projects that their talent and vision reflects. 


To combat this, we commit a quarter of our commission on a director’s fee to a joint fund, to be used to produce spec work or passion projects that can kickstart their progress or prolong a director’s career. With our international database of scripts we are able to target what is lacking in a director’s reel and self-produce work that helps directors grow domestically and internationally. 


The long-term goal with a director is to be able to completely self-finance all passion projects generated exclusively by commercial work done through us. 


We believe in giving directors opportunities. We welcome all young directors to reach out to us so that we can offer them advice without any need to commit to our management services.


Core to our business is the belief that directors should communicate with each other, so we offer an internal forum for directors to share advice, discuss the industry and petition for change. On top of this, we believe that our directors should be helping the next generation of creative talent. When a director signs with us, regardless of their stature, we expect that they mentor younger directors and take part in any educational outreach programs we plan.


There has never been an easier time to become a director, but there are many who, despite their talent, are not given the same opportunities as this current generation of working directors. It is essential that we create a business that gives back and fosters creative talent.


Our way of working is built on a reputation of being easy to work with, clear, transparent and honest. We are frustrated with the current business practices in the industry and strongly believe that there is a better way of working.


We can offer the experience of managing directors internationally in a company that created the model that is now used by all major European directors’ reps. No matter what the issue is, we have seen it before and know how to resolve it. We build bridges and take our jobs as a representative of a body of work seriously.


We try to remain human in everything we do and understand the stress that the industry can put people under. We will always offer our opinion and offer our support to resolve problems.


To put it briefly, people like working with us because they like working with us.

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