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Our way of working is built on a reputation of being easy to work with, clear, transparent and honest. We are frustrated with the current business practices in the industry and strongly believe that there is a better, simpler way of working.


How do we see the future of advertising? We are eternal optimists. Those of us who understand that our world is a series of compromises will keep on working.


If a director: has a great reel, is competitive on price and production requests, loves to travels and accepts to do it as comfortably as the budget allows, is open to suggestions from the client, agency and production company, does a great treatment, is open-minded and a pleasure to work with, then the future looks good!


We have a wealth of experience in how to win jobs. Our 'Treatment School' has helped many of our directors improve their treatment writing skills and launch them into the international market place. We are always happy to give advice, particularly to young directors with brilliant reels who are looking to expand their horizons.


For our directors, we can offer our years of experience of managing directors internationally at Aylene Gardiner Agency, a company that was instrumental in creating the model that is now used by all major European directors’ reps. No matter what the issue is, we have seen it before and know how to resolve it. We build bridges and take our jobs as a representative of a body of work seriously.


For the companies that we work with, we don’t come with any hidden surprises or costs. We strive to ensure that everything is clear and to always be prepared to adapt to any given situation. Our reputation as good people is paramount to everything that we do and is what every action we take is built upon.


We try to remain human in everything we do and understand the stress that the industry can put people under. We will always offer our opinion and offer our support to resolve problems.


To put it briefly, people like working with us because they like working with us.

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