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This roster is exclusive to us in most international territories. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Charles Copsey.jpg

Charles Copsey

Based in London

Visual Storytelling/Lifestle

Although there was no award for “most likely director” at his school’s prom, Charles did walk away as an undeserving runner up in “best hair”. But who ever let their school prom define them? Not Charles. 

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Valentino R. Sandoli (Website).jpg

Valentino R. Sandoli

Based in Madrid


Valentino R. Sandoli is an award winning director working on film, commercials and music videos. His work for Dolce & Gabbana positions him as one of the young talent to watch out for over the next few years!

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Daniel Kontur.jpg

Daniel Kontur

Based in Budapest


Daniel Kontur is an international engima. Of Czech and Hungarian descent, he was born in Germany, raised in Ireland and now hops between London & Budapest. Keep this international machine running!

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Willem Volker.jpg

Willem Volker

Based in Brussels

Visual Storytelling/Automotive

Willem spent almost a decade travelling the globe to shoot skateboarding and surf films. In both his cinematic and photographic work, juxtaposition and technical nostalgia are key elements.

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Filipe Penajoia.jpg

Filipe Penajoia

Based in Lisbon

Visual Storytelling/Lifestyle

A dreamer in his core, Filipe is known to be a sensitive observer and somewhat of an obsessive perfectionist, he's always looking for inspiration far beyond the expectable and generic.

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Xiwen Miao.png

Xiwen Miao

Based in New York


Xiwen's global upbringing and unique understanding of the relationship between society and individuals are always at the center of her work. She explores social issues and people's true nature behind closed doors.

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