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We understand the pressures that come with clients and agencies asking for fresh talent. Equals seeks to address that by providing sales reps with freelance talent that can service any production company unshackled by the limits of exclusivity. 

We vet and research freelance directors so you can focus on providing your clients with a steady stream of new and reliable talent. We are not producers so don't need to step on anybodies toes, all we offer is management and guidance for a director. 

If a director wishes to sign with a production company that you represent we continue offering them our support with scheduling, negotiations as well as helping develop their portfolio. Our focus is on developing talent that can bring in projects that we can all benefit from. 


Our model offers a hybrid of directorial solutions. We can offer a director for a single project, in-house work, as well as place a director with a production company of your choice. At the heart of it we are committed to simplifying your search. We believe in assembling the best possible team for each job.


Our 10+ year experience in international production also allows us to provide service options that can meet all budgets and location demands. We have a strong network of production contacts in every continent and work daily from LA to Tokyo, pitching on international projects in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle-East and South America.


Our way of working is built on a reputation of being easy to work with, clear, transparent and honest.

We can offer our years of experience of managing directors internationally at Aylene Gardiner Agency, a company that created the model that is now used by all major European directors’ reps. No matter what the issue is, we have seen it before and know how to resolve it. We build bridges and take our jobs as a representative of a body of work seriously.


We don’t come with any hidden surprises or costs and strive to ensure that everything is clear, as well as always being prepared to adapt to any given situation. Our reputation as good people is paramount to everything that we do and is what every action we take is built upon.


We try to remain human in everything we do and understand the stress that the industry can put people under. We will always offer our opinion and offer our support to resolve problems.


To put it briefly, people like working with us because they like working with us.

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